Umbrella Payroll

Making contracting simple, affordable and hassle-free.

Is umbrella for me?

ABC umbrella provide PAYE payroll services to contractors and freelancers working on fixed-term contracts. Our services support contractors from a wide range of industry sectors, and all levels of income.

For the vast majority of contractors, umbrella payroll is by far the simplest, most hassle-free way to get paid. For contractors that are unsure if their contract falls within IR35 legislation, it can also be an extremely straighforward way to ensure that they remain compliant.

Umbrella benefits

Compliant PAYE payroll

ABC Umbrella are proud to offer a simple, compliant and industry leading PAYE umbrella service. Our experienced payroll team will take care of your tax and NI contributions and ensure you are paid efficiently and correctly every time.

Speedy onboarding process

Our experienced onboarding team will talk you through the process and provide you with all the relevant documentation to ensure there are no delays in getting you paid. If you are unsure of anything during the joining process our staff are on hand to assist you.

Fully insured

As an employee of ABC Umbrella you will automatically have comprehensive insurance cover. Our cover includes employers’ liability, public liability, product liability and professional indemnity cover of £5 - 10 million.

Minimal administration

Our service vastly reduces the administrational burden of a sole trader or Limited company director and there is no need for an accountant. We take care of the full invoicing and payroll process and provide you with a PAYE payslip, just like a permanent employee.

Dedicated support

We have a dedicated customer support team who are always on hand to help answer any questions or queries you may have about your employment or offer advice regarding IR35 or AWR regulations.

Referral rewards

If you know a friend or collegue who could also benefit from our service, refer them to us. If they choose to become an employee of ABC, we will reward you with two weeks free invoicing.

Joining ABC... easy as 1, 2, 3

Let's talk.

The first step to joining ABC umbrella is a chat. Our friendly advisors are experts in payroll and will talk you through the whole process and find out if our service is right for you. Call us on the number below or schedule a call using the contact us form.

Become an employee.

After making the decision to join ABC we will need to collect some information and verify your documents and ID’s. We will then send you an Employment Contract, which once signed will make you an employee of ABC.

Get paid.

Fill in the timesheet on a weekly/monthly basis and ABC will invoice your agency/end client to organise payment on your behalf. Once received we will pay you your PAYE salary NET of all taxes and NI deductions.

Frequently asked questions

What is an umbrella company?

An umbrella company acts as the employer for contractors and freelancers working on fixed term contracts. The purpose is to provide contractors a simple and hassle-free method to get paid for the contract work they complete. The umbrella company will invoice the contractor’s agency or end client on their behalf and then pay the contractor a PAYE salary NET of all taxes and NI deductions.

What deductions are taken from my salary?

When you become an employee of ABC umbrella, you are paid via PAYE just like a full time employee. This means our payroll team will deduct your tax and National insurance contributions from your pay.
Further deductions may include:
Student loan repayments (if applicable)
Pension contributions (if you have not chosen to opt out of the company pension)
Umbrella margin (this is our invoicing fee for processing your payments)

What is the umbrella margin?

The umbrella margin is simply the weekly/monthly timesheet fee that we charge in order to process your timesheets. This covers our company costs and overheads including staff, property, insurances and processing fees.

Do I receive holiday pay?

As an employee of ABC umbrella, you are entitled to holiday pay. Depending on your personal preference you will either receive this on a pro rata basis and within every pay slip or it will simply be accrued and be paid to you in a single amount.

What is IR35?

IR35 is a piece of government legislation that was initially created to prevent workers from exploiting the tax benefits associated with working through a limited company when the nature of their work was more like that of an ‘employee’. This legislation has recently been reformed and rolled out through the private sector.

As a contractor, you may be wondering how you should know if you are caught inside or outside the legislation. It can sometimes be difficult to determine your position, however, if you can justify your contract under the IR35 guidelines it may not be necessary to seek employment. That being said, it is imperitive that you ensure you remain compliant as failure to do so could result in hefty penalties.

If you choose to become an employee of ABC umbrella, you will automatically be compliant under our employment.
If you would like more information or advice about IR35, please contact our team today.

Do I need to use an accountant?

If you become an employee of ABC Umbrella, you will not need to use an accountant for any work that is invoiced under our employment. We will make the correct tax and NI contributions on your behalf and pay you via PAYE. You will receive a payslip that details these deductions.

Will I receive a pension?

Yes, we automatically enrol you in a work place pension. However, you can decide to opt out of this.

Get Started with ABC

Joining ABC Umbrella starts with a chat! Our friendly team will explain the process and find out if our umbrella service is right for you.